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What is Predictive Order?

What is Predictive Order?

Smart Cloud Forge was founded to answer questions for Consumer Packaged Goods about product orders utilizing data science and artificial intelligence. SCF creates quantitative models of item orders for CPG Clients. SCF’s Predictive Order Technology uses data science, neural nets, and data visualizations to provide clients with historical and predictive order data, data insights, and data visualizations.

Predictive order is the analysis of future orders. SCF has created an accurate predictive order technology. SCF’s technology is designed for CPG Clients. It predicts if an order will be placed by the customer, and the number of cases a salesperson will order (product quantity), each time he or she places an order.

The benefit to the CPG client is to decrease the time at the customer site, decrease overtime paid to sales representatives, increase the ability to upsell, increase the percentage of merchandisers and increase overall revenue.

Historical data is needed for predictive order, to create the models. SCF provides clients with the results of the predictive order technology in a data visualization.

This is where Smart Cloud Forge comes in to predictive order.  “Predictive Order has been that puzzle I always wanted to solve, throughout so many other projects,” said founder Doug Macleod. “A number of opportunities lined up, making our founding possible.”

Smart Cloud Forge has developed software for predictive order, using CPG transaction data, and had an initial 83% accuracy predicting when and if a customers will place an order.  They are developing their model further to increase accuracy and predict the product order.  The newest version is specific to the CPG industry, in that it predicts what products the sales reps order and the quantity of that order. Accuracy is now at over 90% for case accuracy and line item accuracy.  Smart Cloud Forge is offering consulting in combination with customized versions of their technology.  Visit smartcloudforge.com for more details.