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Plio, a predictive order technology, will be available on a trial basis.  Developed utilizing artificial intelligence, Plio was designed for CPG wholesalers and distributors.  Plio predicts if a retail customer will order a product and the quantity of a product. 

What is included in the trial?

With the current offer, those selected from the waitlist will receive data output as drill-downs and data visualizations, providing an actionable format for case and item level predictions.  Additionally, drilldowns at the route, customer, order, and product-level are included. A data dictionary, input portal, FAQ, outputs, summary dashboard, accuracy report on predictions, and data visualizations will be provided. 

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Benefits of Predictive Order Trial with Plio

Plio Prediction provides distributors and wholesalers an actionable set of predictions, and an opportunity to use predictive order tools to test data.  The summary dashboard will provide a score ,which indicates the accuracy of case quantity and line item predictions when compared to past data.  This will help to assess if Plio is a good fit for the data provided, and worth future investment.

Benefits to Plio upon investment include:

  • A 75% decrease in frequency of visits to customer sites by sales representatives
  • An increase of one stop per route per day
  • More than 50% increase in time available for upselling at customer site, as order entry time decreases

Support will be available as needed.  The trial will be complementary, and not require any commitment or contract.   

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