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Predictive Order with Plio

Harness AI to predict future orders- case quantity and line item orders. Reduce the time and effort required for order entry.   See Plio Interface




Custom Model

The custom model incorporates historical, pricing, and contextual data.   SCF can include a large range of data sources. Predictions are made at the Case Quantity and Line Item level.

Data Visualizations

Data out-put from custom models is available via data visualizations, drill-downs, and reporting on Tableau.  Data available on visualizations include: Case Quantity Predictions, Line Item Predictions, Order Data, Customer Data, Model Accuracy.

Pipeline and AWS Cloud

Ensure data sets from multiple sources on your supply chain are backed-up, secured, modeled, and visualized.

Responsive Order Entry

Share predictive order results with your sales team and integrate it with your current order entry system. Web-based, responsive order entry integration.

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