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Pair artificial intelligence with machine learning to bring cutting-edge solutions to your company through our consulting services.  Smart Cloud Forge provides AI and Data Science Consulting for CPG distributors and wholesalers. The solutions are particularly tailored for clients in CPG Wholesale Distribution and Hospitality Industries.

First Step

Your first step is to set-up a consultation on the Meeting Page.  A confirmation email will be sent to you.


Our meeting will be an hour-long discussion, where you describe a business problem you are facing.  Based on the discussion and the issue, we explore the initial feasibility of a mobile/machine learning(ML) solution.

This is complimentary.  First, we want to help you figure out if AI/ML is the right direction for your business.

Common Business Problems

Examples of common issues which are feasible for our mobile/machine learning(ML) solution include:

  •  “I want to reduce my large format sales channel costs without sacrificing revenue or relationship.”
  • “I want to reduce my in store inventory time”.
  • “How can I leverage my in-store inventory to publish up to date stock availability on my website” “How can I use a mobile responsive web design to collect customer preferences through personal surveys and drive personal recommendations?”

If you are interested in setting up a meeting, please use our Meeting Page.


If you are interested in working with us, you most likely have a number of questions.  Here is a very general outline of our process, which is customized based on the project and client.

Our Process

  1. We examine your data and your processes.
  2. We experiment with your data until we come up with a model that is “useful” for inventory, sales, and pricing.
  3. We train the models with specialized software. We deploy the models to iOS devices. Mobile field users run the iOS apps. The users include merchandisers for data collection and mobile sales reps reviewing and approving the data before the transactions are committed.