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Creating Route Visualizations on Tableau

The purpose was to create visualizations of routes with customers and total orders. The client also requested the ability to drill down by route, select dates, and view zip codes. The client requested polygons to represent the routes.  This request is addressed in the tutorial. We needed to create a route map, with a closed…
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Predict the Order- A Presentation from the PyData Chicago Meet-Up

Predict the order for CPG distributors and wholesalers. Smart Cloud Forge’s Co-Founder’s presented at PyData Meet-up in Chicago this March. Doug MacLeod’s presentation discusses SCF’s technology, data, and more. A study of wholesale beverage pre-sell data for large format grocery customers. Smart Cloud Forge’s Data Science team provides models, pipelines, and data visualizations for line…
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What is Predictive Order?

Smart Cloud Forge was founded to answer questions for Consumer Packaged Goods about product orders utilizing data science and artificial intelligence. SCF creates quantitative models of item orders for CPG Clients. SCF’s Predictive Order Technology uses data science, neural nets, and data visualizations to provide clients with historical and predictive order data, data insights, and…
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