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AI & Machine Learning Solutions

for CPG wholesalers and retailers

Consulting Services

Find out what artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning solutions are available to your business through our consulting services.

A.I. & Machine Learning

Apply cutting edge, machine learning (M.L.) technology to order entry and inventory. Solve common pain points in CPG Wholesale with predictive order technology.

A.I. & M.L. Services

Predictive Solutions

Address tomorrow’s issues with A.I. technology for the consumer packaged goods industry. Visualize results, seeing actual vs. predicted data, and other crucial route and customer data.

Data Visualizations

Smart Cloud Forge utilizes artificial intelligence & machine learning

to provide consulting and data products for Consumer Packaged Goods Industry.

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Save Time with Predictive Order Technology

Decrease the time Sales Representatives spend at customer sites and reduce overtime with SCF’s Predictive Order Technology.

Predictive Order Technology indicates if an item will be ordered, and provides line item level quantities. The technology is intended to supplement or replace sales representatives’ order entry calculations at CPG customer sites, giving them more time to sell. Learn More

Item Accuracy

Case Accuracy

Item Predictions

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